Summer 2009 Newsletter

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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a safe and relaxing summer despite the weather ups and downs. The Madonna Alumnae Association (MAA) want to provide you with an update of activities that have taken place at Madonna and with the MAA, to date.

Social Justice Update

As a follow up to the presentation that was posted on the website, I thought you would be interested in finding out the outcome of the Social Justice Committee work for this year: Every year, Madonna chooses a country to help and this year, Sierra Leone was selected in connection with the drop by drop Foundation. Drop by Drop is an organization which supports the free the Children's Adopt-a- village campaign. Madonna CSS, together with the Social Justice Club, has helped by donating money and participating in various activities for the program. Sierra Leone is a third world country located in West Africa, below Guinea. It is a country with a high supply of natural resources, including water, but most of the water is unavailable for use because it is not sanitized. The Drop by Drop program helps build wells with clean water for the needy. This foundation helps young children in particular so that so that they do not have to travel long distance for clean water and are able to attend school. Many events have taken place to raise funds for the organization, including 30 hour famine, a talent show, a Lenten penny drive, vow of silence and the sale of valentine candy grams and t- shirts. During the 30 hour famine students collected at least $30 in pledges and went 30 hours without food, with part of the proceeds going to Sierra Leone. Our school also had a fantastic talent show on May 7, the proceeds of which were added to the Sierra Leone project. With all this enthusiasm in fundraising we are happy to announce that the student body of Madonna coached by the Social Justice club raised $5,000 for the project of building a well in Sierra Leone!! Andrea Mills P.S. – What a wonderful testimonial to the social justice values that were embedded at Madonna by the FCJ’s and that continue to be kept alive by every successive new wave of students and teachers!!!! Great work!

Graduation 2009 Update

The graduation took place on June 23, 2009 and Grace Palumbo-Erimita – alumnae and member of the executive attended the graduands lunch and presented an inspiring speech. In the evening, 92 happy and eager graduands went through their paces. Ana Garcia and myself attended on behalf of the Madonna Alumnae Association and we were proud to give out the awards to: The Madonna Alumnae Association Scholarship Award was awarded to Ornella Roman who will be entering university and majoring in Political Science. The award was in the amount of $1000.00. This money was raised through selling advertising space on the website and through the generous donations of many alumnae. Thank you Sister Philomena Fitzgerald Outstanding Student Award was awarded to Andrea Mills who will be attending university with a view to becoming a lawyer. Yes, Andrea is the same person who put so much passion and heart into the Social Justice work. What a wonderful concept, a compassionate lawyer–to-be in training. The Sister Philomena award was almost going to become extinct as there was no money left in the fund. Along comes Ana Garcia – alumnae and member of the executive and personally puts in $500.00 of her own money to ensure that this worthy award continues. And she will be doing this for the foreseeable future! Anna Damiani – alumnae and member of the executive donated three Roots graduation watches and one of those watches was awarded to Marian Ababio in recognition of Outstanding Progress. Lauretta Santarossa (alumnae from the second graduating class) who is now a director at Novalis donated the Novalis Social Justice Award in the amount of $200.00 (along with a book) to continue the work of the Social Justice Committee. She gave out the award to Dominique Jaume-Carbone who accepted it on behalf of the Social Justice Committee.

Madonna Social

The Madonna Social has not generated the interest nor garnered the number of people that we had anticipated, in the last two years. A decision has been made by the executive to discontinue this event. We want to thank all those who supported this event.

Thank you to our Donors

The Madonna Alumnae Scholarship fund cannot exist without your generosity. We want to thank the following alumnae who gave so generously: Dr. J. Alleyne, Antoinette Dejager, Maria Davidson and Mary Gemmiti. They donated a total of $345.00.


The school put aside one half page in the yearbook this year for the MAA. You will also find the Valedictorian speech and recipients of the different awards.

World Youth Day 2011

Ana Garcia, alumnae and executive on MAA, is organizing a trip to Spain for World Youth Day 2011. The flyer is on the website – check it out. If you wish to attend or you wish to donate contact her directly.

Madonna 50th Anniversary

Yes everyone Madonna’s 50th anniversary will be here before we know it. The MAA along with the school representatives (principal, teachers, students, parent council, etc) will be starting the planning work, in the fall. If you wish to be part of this committee or the various sub-committees that will be created let me know and I will start keeping a list of names.

Let your Friends Know about MAA

Please let your fellow alumnae friends know about the MAA website and have them register. This will ensure that they will be kept informed about upcoming events especially with what will be happening with the 50th anniversary.

Future Happenings

The MAA will be keeping you informed about future events that are in the works.

Personal Note

Many alumnae that I meet in my travels ask me why I am involved in the Madonna Alumnae Association. The short answer is that I am impressed by the calibre of young ladies that graduate from the school and I want to contribute in some way, to the development of these future leaders. Even though the MAA may not be able to give out large amounts of money for the different awards or scholarships, I know that every little bit helps towards the education and future goals of these young women. Moreover, the Madonna administration makes available both academic and practical programs for students to achieve their dreams according to their gifts and talents. And they do this in an open, caring and giving manner!!! It is my way of giving back. How about joining me??!! There is room on the executive or for the 50th Anniversary or by sponsoring a scholarship or award or by donating or by putting on an event or ..... You can always donate by making a cheque out to’ Madonna Alumnae Association And mail it to: MAA c/o Luisa Giacometti 47 Falstaff Ave., Toronto, Ontario M6L 2E2 Look forward to seeing or hearing back from alumnae. I am always happy to know you are there. Luisa Giacometti - On behalf of the Madonna Alumnae Association